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Sometimes the difference between a shed you have and a shed you love is the color. And right now, black is heavily trending. Primarily driven by the modern farmhouse movement which use either black dominant or white dominant color schemes. So, whether you like ebony or ivory, you’re focused on one of the hottest color schemes out there.


A black color scheme can really transform your existing shed, or if you plan to get a new shed installed you might want to have it painted black! The reason black can be very appealing is it is very bold. So if you do it, do it all the way. Go full-blown black shed and we’re certain you will love the results. Bringing in elements like a window box, wooden shutters, a cupola or other accessories really brings a black shed to life.  It’s the couple accents of natural color or texture that set off the black shed look. Maybe a light tone natural cedar shake roof? Now you’re talkin’!

You might also consider a bit accent color on your black shed. White trim, for example, used in just the right amount can really set off your overall design scheme. After all, it’s the contrasting design elements that make the black shed “look” work. Even the right patio stone colors you choose to go around your shed can make a huge difference. A terra-cotta earthy orange can really add visual appeal.


You’ll be surprised how much a color can change the way you feel about your shed. You just might go from like, to love.


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