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The color blue is very popular for a shed. It’s a great base color to accent with many other complimentary colors and wood textures. A blue shed also has very soothing properties. It is viewed as non-threatening because so many people favor it. Therefore, blue is considered a very traditional selection. Often described as peaceful and tranquil, blue calls to mind feelings of calmness and serenity. So, for that she shed you’re thinking about, maybe you want to consider blue if it’s going to be your place to chill?

Blue is the most universally favored color of them all. It is a unique and versatile color that has many complimentary accent colors and tones. Want your shed to be a creative space? A writing shed, perhaps? Light blue is the color most linked to creativity. Just something to chew on when considering the color of your shed.


A blue storage shed will pass HOA (home owner’s association) snobs judgement every time. Who doesn’t like blue? Did you know a blue shed can actually reduce your pulse rate? Compared to a red shed, a blue shed is much more calming. Maybe that classic red barn shed in the back yard needs a color overhaul if the goal is relaxation. If the goal is a party atmosphere, maybe not as much?


If you live near a lake or love that nautical vibe, a painted blue shed can be a great choice to give you that “on-the-water” feel even if your hundreds of miles inland. If you’re thinking blue with your Heartland Shed, maybe you should think about our paint package and have us do all the hard work?

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