Custom Wood Shed

Heartland Sheds can be altered and upgraded in many ways. When creating a custom-built shed, shoppers can modify to their need and preferences. Multiple windows can be added and placed in a variety of locations on the shed. You may choose to upgrade the standard shingles to architectural style shingles depending on your preference.  Architectural shingles give a more dimensional look, creating increased curb appeal. Five shingle colors are available to match the shingles of your home, or to fit your taste. Heartland Sheds offers a paint package and we will paint your shed in any color Sherwin Williams offers — so that’s pretty much every possible color you can possibly dream up. When creating a custom shed consider how it will complement your home or surrounding area. The colors chosen will make your shed blend in or stand out from the environment around it depending on your approach. You can go as bold or as subtle as you’d like. Ideally, the color of your customized shed should enhance the look of your property.

Custom Shed Accessories

Various needs demand customization. For example, if you will be working in your shed you may want to add vented skylights to bring in more natural light and keep your shed cool. If you have a lawn tractor, motorcycle or ATV you may want to add a ramp for ease of entry and exit form your shed. Accessories like this help make your Heartland Shed a custom fit for the way you plan to use it.

Customize Your Shed Design to Meet your Needs

Doing a lot of project work, or need a lot of efficient wall storage to organize items? Add a workbench or shelves to make your shed an optimally functioning space. A well-organized shed can prevent the loss of expensive tools or treasured collectibles.

Sheds for residential use are frequently used for creative purposes such as hobby rooms, workshops, backyard gyms, playrooms for children and even home offices. And the most fun about a bar shed or she shed is the way you decorate it and make it your own.

custom shed

16’x12′ Ranch shed customized with cupola.

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