Garden Sheds

A shed is ideal for tool storage, machinery and bags of fertilizer. You will need built-in storage shelves so you have plenty of room to organize all of your pots, seeds and garden tools. Plus, room to work inside the shed on those rainy days of summer, or on those chilly days of early spring when you want to get your seedlings going. Keep your lawnmower looking like new and protected from rust. The Heartland Garden Shed has a metal roof which, thanks to its color and reflective material, helps keep it cooler on those mid-summer days. The wooden siding gives you unlimited flexibility in paint color. Match your house or match the vision you have in mind.

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Garden Sheds Are a Green Thumbs True Ally

A garden shed can help you do any hobby better and a Heartland shed will unleash your gardening talent. With a place to store, organize and work you will instantly become a better gardener because you will have everything you need all organized and in one place. Your very own place to escape the daily grind and relax.

Shed Styles to Consider for Gardening

Another great shed for gardening is our Barn Shed. If you have the luxury of space in your backyard or if you need more space inside this might be a great option. With sizes from 10’x10’ to 12’x24’, the barn shed opens up a world or green-thumbed possibilities.

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