10x12 Sheds

10x12 shed floor plan drawing

  • Size category: Medium
  • Best uses: Storing rakes, shovels, lawnmowers, bicycles,  storage bins, snow blowers, wheelbarrows and seasonal items. Would be a good size for a workshop, hobby room or art studio
  • Square footage: 120 sq. ft.
  • Yard size: Medium – Large
  • Actual size: 10’W x 12’D (10 by 12)
  • Types: Wood, plastic and metal
  • Styles: Barn, ranch and gable
  • Cost: $1,599  (Do-it-yourself) to $3,499 (installed)

10×12 Sheds Practical Uses:

A 10×12 shed can fit in most sized yards and is ideal for medium to large sized backyards. This medium sized shed can be used for both storage and as a workspace. It is great for storing tools bicycles, lawnmowers, hoses and garden equipment. Or, if you plan to work in the shed it is large enough to give you adequate space to move around. Add some windows or a skylight and you will get the natural light you need to use the shed as an art room, workout space, backyard office or workshop. One of the hottest trends is the ‘she shed’ or ‘bar shed.’ The 120 square feet of the 10×12 wood shed is very well suited for enjoyment or escape spaces like these. It gives you plenty of room for fun without taking up too much of your yard space.

Is a 10×12 Shed Right for Me?

Having a clear idea about your sheds intended purpose is one of the best ways determine how large or small it should be. Do you need your shed only for storage? If that is the case, we recommend that you lay out everything you want to store in the shed as this is a good way to get an accurate assessment of what size shed you need. If you plan to use your shed as a workspace, consider what type of work you will be doing. Woodworking, for example, can require much more space for equipment, tools and functional work area than an activity like painting.

Need help prepping your yard and foundation for a 10 by 12 shed? Check out our shed buyers guide.

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