12x12 Sheds

12x12 shed floor plan

  • Size category: Medium
  • Best uses: Storing lawn mowers, ATV’s, wheel barrows, long-handled tools, weed trimmers, shovels and leaf blowers. They offer enough space for workshops and personal sanctuaries as well.
  • Square footage: 144 sq. ft.
  • Yard size: Medium – Large
  • Actual size: 12’W x 12’D (12 by 12)
  • Types: Wood, plastic and metal
  • Styles: Barn, ranch and gable
  • Cost: $2,399  (Do-it-yourself) to $3,499 (installed)

Best Uses of 12×12 Sheds

Workshop, backyard gym, yoga studio, maker shed. All great uses for a 12×12 shed. With 144 sq. ft. of space there’s plenty of room for active use, or if you have large items or several items to store. Whether you need a place to make things or a place to make things happen this shed size is ideal for getting all of those projects done. A good way to determine how much space you need is to lay out all the things you want to store in the shed and evaluate how much space is required. You may also want to consider that things like shelves and loft space give you additional overhead storage. Wall space is a great place to hang long-handled garden tools. If you have a larger lawn tractor, motorcycle or ATV, this shed with a wide double-door is a great option. If you want in on the hottest shed trend, the ‘she shed’ or ‘bar shed,’ this size is ideal with plenty of room for fun and relaxation.

Is a 12×12 Storage Shed Right for My Backyard?

The most important factor in determining the size you need is to have a clear idea about the sheds intended purpose. Will it be for storage or active use like woodworking? Or, both? Another important factor to think about is what size and shape will fit the specific features and size of your backyard best. Remember you need to leave a minimum of 3 feet of open space on all sides of the shed for ease of passage. One of the advantages of a square shed is that you get a lot of square footage without any one side being too long versus a more rectangular shed. The square shape can have a very pleasing visual aesthetic, providing much curb appeal for your backyard landscape.

Need more help determining if 12 by 12 sheds are the right fit? Check out our shed buyers guide.

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