6x8 Sheds

6x8 shed floor plan

  • Size category: Small storage
  • Best uses: lawn tool storage, lawn mowers,  bicycles, wheelbarrows and potting/gardening equipment
  • Square footage: 48 sq. ft.
  • Yard size: Small – Large
  • Actual size: 6’W x 8’D (6′ by 8′)
  • Cost: Affordable ($999 Do-it-yourself to $1,799 installed)

6×8 Sheds Practical Uses:

6×8 sheds work really well for organic gardening as all your tools will fit nicely and there will still be enough room to do potting inside the shed. Shelf storage also helps add to the functionality. With limited space, this size is best when used for one purpose and is ideal if you don’t need supplemental home storage. You can add windows to bring in natural sunlight. The extra light makes your shed much more functional. If you want to bring in natural light without compromising wall space, add skylights. Another thing to consider is that with time you will always accumulate more stuff, so sometimes bigger is better.

Are 6×8 Sheds Right for my Backyard?

When it comes to buying your backyard wood shed, size is a very important decision. How large or how small isn’t as straight forward as it may seem. There’s a lot to consider. Of course, you’ll need to evaluate the size of your property and how you hope to use the shed, but even those seemingly simple factors have many variables. The way people use sheds can be so dramatically different. Choose a shed that’s the right size to help you make the most of your lifestyle.

Need help prepping your yard and foundation for a 6 by 8 shed? Check out our shed buyers guide.

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