Small Wood Sheds

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Sheds under 80 square feet are typically considered small sheds. They’re great for storing tools, lawn equipment, bikes or if you need to get some clutter out of your garage. If you have a small yard this is a good option. Garden sheds, tool sheds and storage sheds are the most common applications for small sheds.

Small Sheds are Great For Gardening Supplies Storage

Garden sheds are good as a staging point for lawn care, landscaping and smaller-scale organic gardening projects. This size is ideal for storing lawn and garden supplies, bags of seed, push mowers, fertilizer spreaders, weed trimmers and blowers. With a workbench, you can create a convenient area inside your garden shed for potting.


Tool sheds are typically in the small shed category, particularly if you are purely storing tools and you don’t require active workspace within the shed. Tools for household repairs, shovels, rakes, chain saws and other tools can all be effectively stored in a small shed. These sheds are commonly wider than they are deep for ease of access. Storage sheds tend to be larger than tool sheds and are typically square or deeper than they are wide.


While you might be stuck with a smaller storage shed, with some ingenuity, you can maximize the space inside.  A shed with shelves or a loft will provide significantly more overhead storage space while reserving floor space for larger equipment such as lawnmower and snowblowers.  You might want to add a skylight and window to your shed so you can easily locate your stored items. Also,  consider adding a pegboard and various hooks to keep tools and gardening equipment organized. Lowe’s has many great organization systems to maximize your storage potential as well.

  • Size category: Small
  • Square footage: 80 square feet or less
  • Uses: Garden supplies storage, outdoor storage, tool storage, potting shed, lean to, utility storage, dog houses, barns, shed for generator, small man caves, small she sheds and small houses
  • Items that can fit inside: lawn mowers, wheelbarrows, bicycles, wet-vac’s and snowblowers
  • Types: wood, metal and plastic
  • Roof style: Gable, lean-to, gambrel and ranch
  • Cost: $1,799+

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