Wood Lean-To Sheds

Traditionally, a lean-to is a structure in which the rafters “lean” against another building or wall for support. A lean to shed consists of a sloping roof and three walls that abuts the wall of another structure. This type of shed provides simple shelter and storage for lawn and garden equipment, sports equipment, grilling supplies, outdoor furniture cushions, miscellaneous tools and so much more. When you’re looking for inconspicuous, compact, functional storage the lean-to style is ideal. Per its name, the structure simply leans against the house or garage for additional support and provides protection from inclement weather. Typically sheds of this type do not require a conventional stud wall across the back because it is designed to be built against an already existing wall. This aspect helps reduce cost of this type of shed.

Lean To Roof Style

As its name suggests, the roof of a lean-to shed slopes down from the rear, rather than peaking in the center. They are ideal for placing against the side of a building. For a very reasonable cost, these lean-to sheds can give you extra storage space right where you need it most. The roof of a lean-to should be mono-pitched. That means it should lean down away from the house in one even flow so that rain water easily flows down the roof and onto the ground thereby avoiding standing puddles of water that could damage both the roof and the home siding. Also, the gap between the shed and the home should be sealed properly to avoid water getting between the shed and the building as this could cause damage to the home’s foundation.

Storage Solutions for Any Backyard – Large and Small

The great thing about a lean-to is they can go almost anywhere. You could place a lean-to shed under your 2nd story deck to save space. Use a lean-to shed to make dead space functional. For example, if you have a dead space along the side of your house that simply is not useable for any purpose, put a lean-to there and the space will have much more utilitarian value.
A lean-to is built to blend in with your home and give you as little or as much extra space as you need. It’s a great way to get bicycles out of the garage and into their very own dry and safe space. A lean-to shed can easily be built out of metal, plastic or wood. But, a wood lean-to with a locking door handle will provide much better security than flimsy plastic or metal sheds. Another advantage of a woodshed is that it can be painted to exactly match the siding color of your home. Or, if you want it to stand out as an architectural detail, you can always paint it a nice complementary color.

Other Lean to Shed Types

An entirely different type of lean-to shed is the one also referred to as a ‘modern shed.’ One very significant difference in this style is that the door is typically located on the highest side of the sloping roof. In addition, this type of shed always has a fully studded back wall and is constructed as a free-standing building, not intended to lean up against another structure. These sheds have the style of the lean-to design but are not technically lean-to sheds in terms of their overall construction. This type of shed can be great for a home studio, art studio, modern pool house and much more. Lean-to sheds, no matter how you ultimately use them, make a great addition to your home because they use space that is, well, just taking up space.

  • Also known as: lean too sheds, lean on sheds, lean sheds and lean to roof sheds
  • Costs: $448+ DIY lean to sheds
  • Sizes: Small to large / 4×8+
  • Ideal uses: gardening supply storage, seasonal items storage, pool supply storage, greenhouse and more
  • Backyard placement: customers often place lean to’s next to their home, in corners or deck
  • Materials: Wooden lean to sheds are the best type because you can easily add your own organization systems such as hooks and/or pegboards to maximize your storage potential. Also available as plastic and metal.

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