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Characterized by straight lines, an abundance of windows and soaring front roof lines, modern sheds are great for a backyard office, tool storage, gardening shed, workout room, she shed, or whatever your creative brain can come up with. If there’s something you love to do, you need a place to do it.


The simple, clean aesthetic of modern sheds is very on-trend, appealing to those with an appreciation of the Frank Llyod Wright style of architecture from the mid-twentieth century. This style has made a huge comeback in recent years. The look is an organic and distinctly American style. The high ceilings of a modern outdoor shed make them feel open and spacious, which is why they make a fantastic backyard art studio or maybe even the perfect place to rebuild those classic Café Racer motorcycles you love.

Different needs demand different customization. That’s where you can really bring your own finishing touches. A wooden shed is great for that because it’s easy to build onto the wooden wall studs and ceiling headers that exist. No matter how you’ll use your shed, you always want plenty of light. You might consider adding skylights. Skylights bring in more natural light and keep your shed cool by increasing airflow and ventilation efficiency. If your modern shed is for an entertainment space, you might want to add string lighting. On the other hand, if your shed will be used to house vehicles like a motorcycle or ATV, you may want to add a ramp for ease of entry and exit.

Modern Shed Interior Design Ideas

With some creativity, you can bring your modern wood shed to life without breaking the bank. Try shopping flea markets, garage sales and antique shops. These are often a great place to find retro-modern furniture which goes great with a modern shed design. The straight, clean lines in architecture find their distant roots in Japan. So, it’s not surprising that the shape and flow of a modern building is very ‘Zen’ and calm inspiring. There’s nothing like a modern shed to create that quiet space you’ve been craving. The other great feature of a wooden shed is that you can change the paint color whenever the mood strikes. You can go from a calming pink, an organic earth connected tone or perhaps something that pushes the edge and makes a bold statement. That’s the great thing about your shed … it’s yours. So you decide what to do with it.


Our line of modern storage sheds start at $2,499. Our design includes two shelves, windows and a transom window so you have natural light and space to work on. You can also purchase a 12×8 DIY modern shed kit for $2,079 at Lowe’s.

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