White Sheds

It’s the hottest look trending right now. White walls with white trim. The white shed is very popular. The modern farmhouse movement has catapulted this look into the spotlight. And, why wouldn’t it? It looks amazing, especially when you add the finishing touches of natural stained wood texture and metal highlights. You might also want to experiment by adding accessories like a cupola, cedar shake shingles, or even light wood stained shutters to your white shed.


White can also serve a function of reflecting light, thereby keeping your shed cooler on those hot summer days. The current trend is to accent the white walls and white trim with wood tones, metals or black window grilles. Window grilles are the little elements that divide a window giving it aesthetic appeal.

white storage shed


When painted white a storage shed becomes a nice simple part of your backyard space allowing all of the natural grass and plant elements to shine. The two of these elements together create a thing of beauty. There’s nothing like a garden in full bloom at harvest time to set off the amazing look of a white shed.

white shed interior


With Heartland Sheds, you can choose to have us paint your storage shed  white for you. You can pick any color you want, then we do all the work. It couldn’t be easier. Just place your order, select the paint package. Then, when we deliver and install your Heartland Shed, we also paint if for you. When we drive away, your shed is done. All you have to do from there is start using it for all the things you love to do. A shed helps you unleash your talents because you have the space you need to organize and work.

View white sheds from Heartland Sheds and find the perfect shed style, color and size.

white shed

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